Monday, April 27, 2015

"Sarcasm is Essential of LiFe!"

All the girls in San Francisco appear to want to come off as "sarcastic". Below is rundown of them and their amazing traits!

"I'm not really 5'10". I was just being Sarcastic! " 

"Sarcasm is Essential of LiFe!" Honestly, I think she was on LSD when she wrote her Tinder profile.

"Huge fan of being alive". "Does not want human babies." This woman scares me.

Is she being sarcastic about liking bacon and being a Giants fan? Are the Giants bad? Is bacon bad? I'm so confused. 

This purple girl is waiting to tell guys that like "colour", "Sarah" is a word that is better with U in it. Seriously. I know a terrible joke setup when I see one. 

If she had been wearing a Giant's tee shirt then the whole profile text could have been redundant.

There are 39916800 possible orders so it's EASIER FOR ALL OF US if you arrange them how you want them. Is that nerdy enough? I hope nerdy is first!

There are only periods in this. I don't think she likes punctuation any more than someone who only listens to Taylor Swift likes music.

This one does not SAY she is sarcastic, but I have to assume this picture is meant as a form of deeply rooted sarcasm.

Also not explicitly sarcastic but I feel like the giant feline in the picture is trying to tell me something.

Friday, April 10, 2015

It's complicated

I masochistically find awkward relationship moments hilariously funny, especially when they happen to me, but also only in retrospect. I am finding this is one of those things that is coming in handy while I learn how to date. Dating often reaches this point where you have to decide "What you are" and I have made a helpful chart for future conversations of this nature! IT IS BELOW!

Just had to share this, even though you've already seen it.